Building that forever bond between you and your pet can take a lot of work! And whether you start with a puppy or full-grown rescue, the last thing you want is your furbaby to cower at the sound of your voice. Crates take the brunt of training off your shoulders so the relationship you share with your four-legged friend doesn’t have to take a hit.

The selection in our Online Store has been expanded to include a variety of “Dens” suited to accommodate dogs of any breed. All crates are equipped with a center divider (for those with pups still growing), heavy-duty removable rubber tray for easy cleaning, and front/side gated entries for optimal placement within your home. Each size folds flat (accordion-style) for convenient storage, and comes with attached carry handle for smooth transport.

So stop calling it a cage. Just as a prison cell wouldn’t be referred to as a bedroom, so is the difference between a cage and a den. Crate-training is an extension of our love for our faithful companion, not a method of punishment. And by far the most humane way to raise your pooch right, keeping them feeling secure until you arrive home.