“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.” ~ W.R. Purche

Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you’re wondering, we DON’T do pack walks! Adherent to our Policies & Procedures, Prancing Pooches does not walk more than three dogs at a time. That said, our Dog Walking Services are custom tailored to each, individual household. For instance, while an aggressive dog may need solitary walks, a cheerful and energetic pooch might benefit from the socialization and exercise provided by a few other, like-minded friends. The course of action that is right for your pet is determined during the Get Acquainted Visit where we closely evaluate your dog’s demeanor and any particular needs he or she may have prior to the start of your Pet Care Services.

Of course! Rain or shine, your pet’s need for attention and it’s urgency to “relieve” itself isn’t contingent on Mother Nature. However, in extreme cases when it becomes necessary for us to close up shop because conditions have become too dangerous for our Dog Walkers and/or Pet Sitters to report in to work, you will be notified immediately upon that determination having been made. For rare instances such as these, we highly recommend that you have a neighbor or friend who lives nearby on “speed dial” so that they can safely care for your pooch until you return.

While we offer several Dog Walking Services designed to accommodate dogs of all ages, our two best-sellers are the Express walk (20 minute visit) and Deluxe walk (40 minute visit). Named accordingly, Express walks are sold in packs of ten and average $15/visit, while Deluxe walks are sold in packs of five and average $24/visit. Bulk pricing for 3 Month, 6 Month and 12 Month Express walk packages are available on our website at a significant discount.

Due to our regional popularity and a plethora of logistical hurdles, you may have multiple Pet Care providers assigned to your pooch at any given time. This said, you can relax in knowing that each employee has passed our stringent hiring criteria, been subject to an extensive background check, undergone intensive hands-on training, and been certified in Pet CPR & First Aid. And should you ever care to match a face to the walker(s) leaving you that Daily Report Card, just visit Meet Your Dog Walker where you can get to know them each a bit better. For your peace-of-mind, please know that we update our website regularly so this page will always be current. Simply put: if an employee isn’t featured on our site, then they aren’t allowed in your home.

Not a problem! We’re certainly one to know “the more, the merrier,” that’s why both our Dog Walking Services and Pet Sitting Services cover up to three pets within a single household (just so long as they all belong to the same owner). There are no hidden fees or additional costs. So go ahead and adopt that rescue already! We think you can afford it.