If you were to ask how much has changed over the course of the past seven years, we’d have one answer for you: Everything! This seemingly simple question has caused us to reflect on the growth that’s taken place between today and that very special moment years ago when the doors of Prancing Pooches first opened. And we have to say, the results are equal parts humbling and breathtaking!

In just over half a decade we’ve grown from the concept of simply wanting to offer services that care and provide for “man’s best friend,” to being an established and thriving leader in the local pet care industry. Acquiring our very first clients with hardly more than a registered trade name, we’ve gone from using independent contractors to uniformed employees, matured from a simple logo to a fun-loving illustrated mascot, broadened our focus from individual residential contracts to include corporate accounts, and overseen the complete rebuild of our business’s website from an amateur JavaScript template to what is now a comprehensive E-commerce forum (complete with advanced features such as online scheduling, customer portals, blogs and galleries, each of which are displayed using the most efficient and aesthetic plugins currently available). Our customer base has grown hand over foot, year after year, and with our proud achievement of The Triple Crown in 2017, we see no signs of slowing down any time soon!

This said, in honoring our commitment to always remain transparent and open with our clientele we feel it our duty to inform you of some minor changes that will soon take place to our service(s) pricing and billing structure. But first, please know that since day one we’ve kept an eye on our lead competitors in the Baltimore area to closely monitor the price point of their services (while meticulously scrutinizing the value that they offer in comparison to ours) and are proud to state that we’ve been successful in maintaining a complete freeze on any price increases over the past five years, and have in fact actually decreased the cost of multiple services in that same period of time. And in an ever-changing world where businesses charging more for providing less seems to be the standard anymore, we’re darn proud of that simple fact, in and of itself. But now, after careful and thorough consideration, and in the effort to maintain the same level of quality and value of the service(s) you’ve grown to know and love, the necessity of mild price increases to select packages has become apparent, with those changes scheduled to take place come June 1st. We ask that you review the updated pricing structure (on or after that date has passed), as we’re confident that any changes you notice will be found to be both affordable and understandable. But most importantly, fair.

Here at Prancing Pooches we truly believe that we’re the very best at what we do. And just one look at our motto will tell you why. “Be good to pets and their people too” are the words we live by. Day-in, and day-out. But none of what we’ve achieved would ever have been made possible without your help and support. And we thank you for that. So here’s to looking forward to all the times that lie ahead, and the opportunity to continue working with you, and your family, for many more years to come!