The Daily Double was one of Prancing Pooches’ best selling Pet Sitting packages since the day we first opened our doors. But the plan which offered two 20-minute visits daily for “man’s best friend” has long been debated within our pack. Simply put, it’s just not enough time for your Pooch to relieve themselves, socialize with the outside world, and get enough “sniffs” and “wags” during your time away from home. Following a close examination of our business practices and some continuing education, we feel affirmed that the most ethical decision is to discontinue the service altogether.

But we aren’t stopping there. We recognize the necessity for a service that incorporates multiple visits daily to ensure the proper care of your faithful companion when you go out of town. For this very reason, we’ve introduced the Three Ring Circus, an upgraded plan that includes an additional walk throughout the day and an increase in the duration of each visit to 30 minutes. This new service provides your furry friend with a potty break ever 8 hours (rather than 12), and more than doubles the daily attention they receive from one of our walkers.

It is our utmost priority to do right by you and your pet. As professionals in the industry and true fans of all four-legged friends, you can rest assured that we always hold your best interest at heart. And we promise, this is a great move in the right direction.